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4/5/2019 -
BIG 5 - 2019 Wisconsin Ryder Cup Championships
La Crosse, WI

****TOURNAMENT MAY BE FULL - CLICK WEB LINK to get on waiting list*****

2019 Wisconsin Ryder Cup Championships

An Event unlike any other!

Coulee Region Cornhole presents the most exciting team event you’ll ever play in. We are pleased to announce the 3rd Annual Wisconsin Ryder Cup Championships. You asked for a Weekend Event, bigger payouts and MORE TEAMS…You got it!!!!

2019 Wisconsin Ryder Cup Championships
WHEN: April 5th & 6th 2019
CHECK-IN: Friday April 5th 4:00-4:45, Bags Fly @ 5:00pm
Saturday, April 6th - Bags Fly @ 9:30am
WHERE: La Crescent Community Arena
520 South 14th Street, La Crescent, MN 55947
COST: $480 Team of 8 Players
Money Due March 1st, 2019
Contact Tournament Director for an address to send check or money order.
If you would like to send money via Paypal, you will need to send $495. (The extra cost covers PP Fees)

The 2019 Ryder Cup Team Format
3 Different Events that you earn points for, to crown a Team Champion!
2 Divisions - Social (8 Teams) & Competitive (24 Teams)

SINGLES TOURNAMENT - 1 Game, Double Elimination Bracket Tournament. You earning points for your team the better you finish.
8 Separate Brackets - Final 8 Bracket Winners move into a Single Elim/Sudden Death for Bonus Money and extra point(s) for their team.
Random Draw for Bracket Placement. (See Below*)
**BONUS $$ to the Singles Champ

DOUBLES TOURNAMENT - Pool Play - Every Win Earns you another point for your team.
8 Pools - Top 2 Teams from each pool move into a Single Elim/Sudden Death for Bonus Money and extra point(s) for the team. Random Draw for Pool Placement. (See Below*)
**BONUS $$ to the Doubles Team Champ

THE BIG 8 - This legendary event makes throwing 1 bag the most stressful thing you have ever done in Cornhole. You will place 4 of your players at each end of the court. Each side will throw 4 bags a round. Players have to stay in their batting order determined before the start of each game. Random Draw for Bracket Placement. (See Below*)

———2019 TEAM PAYOUTS———
Competitive Division (24 Teams)

**Bonus Singles Champ - $200
**Bonus Double Team Champ - $400

Social Division (8 Teams)

**Bonus Singles Champ - $100
**Bonus Double Team Champ - $200
****We are going to try offering Social and Competitive Divisions again this year. I would like to open it up to 8 teams. If we do not have enough interest again this year, it will be an All-In-One tournament again, and the payouts will change a little)

Each Ryder Cup Teams will be made up of 8 Players from their area.
***AREA TEAM RULE - All players need to come from one particular area (within a 30-mile distance) unless approved from the Ryder Cup Director.
****SMALL POPULATION RULE - If you are from a small area where the population is 10,000 or less, you are allowed to find a team within a 60 miles radius of you to play with.
*****PRO RULE - No More than 2 Professional Players on a team, which includes, but is not limited to, any player who has ever placed the Top 100 in the ACO/ACL.
There is a player(s) who live in Ettrick, Wisconsin.
Go to Google and search: Ettrick, Wisconsin
You will see the population is 517 people. These players have some friends who live in Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Go to Google Maps and put in both will see Eau Claire is 57 miles from Ettrick. This/these players are allowed to play on the same team.
*****PRO RULE INFORMATION - This tournament was built off the idea that "My area guys want to challenge your area guys!" not the idea of “who can build a better team of guys from across the US.” But as our sport grows there are some areas who barely have enough guys to make a team and other areas who have between 500k - 3 Million people in their population, which makes it easier for them to build a powerhouse team, something that would deter many of the smaller area teams from coming to play. As this tournament grows, we plan to create 2-3 divisions for ALL skill levels. But right now we such a wide range of populations and we want to make sure this is fair for all those coming to play. For those of you from a large city/cornhole population, it gives you the chance to build 2 teams and have a friendly competition between each other to see who does better in the Ryder Cup.
THE FAMILY RULE - If you have a family member that would like to play on your team, a request may be made to the tournament director. If you have a question on this rule and would like permission for a Family member to be able to play on your team, please send your request directly through messenger or email. Whatever the outcome, the final decision is ultimately up to the tournament director.
TEAM ATTIRE - Teams are suggested to wear the same color/uniform/shirt for all members that day. Whether it’s an official team shirt, or they are all the same color or even a free swag shirt you got from an event (Budweiser, Miller Lite, etc.), just as long as their is some similarity to the group. It'll give you that team feel, while helping everyone know what group you are from.

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